Let’s decentralise

Hello Dubai crypto lovers, long term and short term investors, traders, miners, developers and everyone else who is interested in the new Blockchain technology. As much as we love this ecosystem and more people finding out about what this technology can offer, there are also those who are quietly waiting in the dark and watching for a potential prey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you the best cryptocurrency hardware and make sure you don’t spend a fortune to own one. This is the best and the safest way to keep the inventory of all your coins away from a hacker’s praying eyes.

We would love you to be part of this new technological revolution and at the same time not to be ever concerned about your assets being compromised.

The Wallets

Yes, we are still using existing Internet technology that is prone to hacking and malicious attacks. As an official partner and importer of the well-known brand Ledger, we are your direct contact in the UAE.

Ledger is one of the most advanced hardware (cold) wallets that will eliminate all your concerns about ever loosing your coins to a hacker.
All products are originally packed and shipped directly from the manufacturer and then locally distributed to your door.

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